It’s no fun to drink alone. It makes toasting awkward, and I do like to make toasts. I’d much rather ensconce myself in a lovely setting, with great lighting, surrounded by lots of other people who are at least as interesting, witty and dashing as I am, and who hang onto my every word. Preferably in a glittering cocktail lounge that hires warm and caring staff who adore making people feel special. Or, a neighborhood dive with a barkeep who, though grumpy, knows how to make a decent old fashioned. That would make me happy, too. Or a cozy hideaway known for its colorful past, where the vibe still attracts writers, artists and assorted interesting ne’er-do-wells.  When I find a place that has any of those qualities, I like to share it with friends. Herein are some of my favorites for one reason or another, plus some that are still on my to-visit list. I’ll add more as I discover them and find the time to write them up.


Steve Hansen

Reader, raconteur, brand seer



Uncredited photographs used in this site are courtesy of the author, or have been sourced directly from the bars’ websites. Other photos are from Creative Commons (CC), or individual photographers, as indicated. Home page photo is a view of the NoMad Bar, NYC, by Taylor Davidson/Unsplash.



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