The Dublin House

Dublin House, the pleasantly unremarkable dive on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, could be any bar depicted in a New Yorker cartoon. It is the living version of the image that springs to mind when you hear the words “corner bar.” A magnificent neon harp hangs over the entrance and beckons thirsty patrons, downcast or ebullient, with the promise of sanctuary, fresh beer and dim lighting. That’s exactly what you’ll find here — nothing more, nothing less. And that’s what we love about it.

A smooth, well-worn wooden bar runs the length of the narrow interior on one side, flanked by a few snug booths for two on the other. There’s a small room with more tables in the back. The service at this Irish-owned and run bar is attentive but not fussy. The vibe is friendly and low-key. A jukebox plays oldies of all sorts at a reasonable level and a few smaller flatscreens keep you up to date with sports highlights and scores. Salesmen pop in during the day for a cool one, neighbors gather here after work, a writer or two may be huddled at a table in the back. It’s definitely not a hipster hang. “It’s the way a bar should be,” according to a regular.

Irish whiskeys top the liquor list. Harp, Stella, Dublin Ale — and of course creamy Guinness Stout — are on tap, followed by a slew of bottled and canned brews. Red and white house wines round out the standard bar menu. There are drink specials (think pickleback shots) and decent bloodies and mimosas for the weekend folks. Food service was discontinued here years ago, but you can munch on a bag of Taytos or order food delivered.

This nearly century-old watering hole began as a speakeasy and not much seems to have changed since the 1940s. Its timeless character is what makes The Dublin House so appealing and, unsurprisingly, so photogenic, too. It has been a location used on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” TV series.

This is a cash-only establishment, but an ATM is available near the entrance.

225 West 79th Street

New York, NY 10024


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