Two blocks up the hill, hiding behind the picture postcard setting of Bergen’s 18th-century waterfront, an equally enchanting landmark beckons, the funkadelic BarBarista. Owner/designer May Vik Medaas reigns supreme over this hospitable saloon decorated with cast-off antique furniture, ’70s rock posters, Japanese parasols, kaleidoscopic light fixtures and other assorted bric-a-brac festooned over every surface. The overall effect is Alice-In-Wonderland in Haight-Ashbury. A delectable selection of Norwegian, Belgian, German and American beers are typically available on tap, along with house cocktails, French table wines, ciders and dark sweet coffee, all of which seems to pair perfectly well with the bar’s famous menu of waffles. Yes, waffles! Try the Classic (with brown cheese), the Snickers (peanut butter and chocolate sauce), the Friskus (fresh goat cheese and raspberry jam), to name a few. The vibe is cozy and companionable – like a secret treehouse club, but one where everybody is welcomed. The bar’s playlist is as eclectic as its décor with vinyl-era R&B, soul, jazz and rock classics wafting through the rooms like audio incense.

This bar/café is normally bustling with happy customers from open to close, but when the sun comes out on a spring or summer afternoon — a rare-enough treat in these parts — the place clears out in minutes.

Øvregaten 12, 5003 Bergen, Norway

+47 952 02 534

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