This one-of-a-kind hideaway seems like a wormhole back to the Day-Glo colored 1960s and the kookie-sexy exoticism of California tiki culture. Opened in 1961 by Ray Buhen, one of the four barmen who invented the venerable drink concoctions at the original Don The Beachcomber restaurant. Tiki-Ti is as close as you’ll get to the historical source of the tropical rum drinks craze. In fact, the bar is still owned and operated by Ray’s son and grandsons.

The tiny 12-stool hut is crammed with Polynesian-themed tchotchkes. The flamboyant drinks are potent but delicious. Aside from the legendary Zombie, Mai Tai and Painkiller, there’s the Skip and Go Naked, Ray’s Mistake and Ooga Booga, along with about 85 more.

Ordering certain cocktails will set off mysterious chants and silly bar antics that everybody joins in. After a few sips, you’ll never want to leave and Tiki-Ti will become the neighborhood bar of your dreams, no matter where you live.

Currently open Wednesday-Saturday, 4 pm to 2 am. Get there early. You may have to wait to get in but it’s worth it to say you’ve been to this landmark.

Check out this video to see how they conjure up a Blood and Sand cocktail at Tiki Ti:

4427 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027



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