Raines Law Room


NYC’s sexiest cocktail bar is named for the 1896 NY State law prohibiting the sale of liquor on Sundays except in hotels, thereby producing  a sudden spate of bars with beds upstairs. Raines Law Room in Chelsea is a swank, new-era speakeasy with old style touches starting with its unmarked black door at the bottom of a below-street staircase. No beds here, but the soothing, dimly lit lair features plush couches and low tables with candles reflecting in shadowy antique mirrors. Dark, gauzy curtains give the illusion of privacy. A discreet pull chain summons your server.

Smoky jazz tunes waft throughout the lounge, creating an intimate, romantic vibe. The cocktail fare includes many delectable new twists on the old classics. Try the La Malinche: a scotch boulevardier flavor noted with xocolatl mole bitters.

The Art Nouveau-style wallpaper pattern in the restrooms plays tricks with the eye – especially after a few drinks. A second Raines Law Room has opened at the William Hotel on East 39th Street.

The NYSee duo heads out to Raine’s Law Room, one of the city’s premier speakeasies. Check out their video review:

48 W 17th St., New York 10011



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