The Rum House


The old beer-stained dive bar at Hotel Edison was recently renovated into this intimate, noir-ish hideaway that, aside from a modest, vintage-looking neon sign hanging outside, makes no attempts to lure the passing Times Square tourists into its dark and cozy realm.

Here, locals, hotel guests and theatre folk mingle at the copper-topped bar and in comfy red leather banquettes over classic Old Fashioneds, Brooklyns, Old Cubans and Sazeracs. Rums – more than 80 different varieties, including Black Tot, the last of the British Navy’s official rum supply – take the spotlight here, mixing into some of the finest Pina Coladas, Dark ‘N’ Stormies, Tortugas and Mojitos in town. Live piano jazz and an intriguing selection of originally crafted cocktails and house punches keep regulars coming back.

It is said that favored guests may occasionally get treated to shots of Havana Club Cuban rum.

Sit in for a short set with Terry Waldo and the Rum House Jass Band and sample the vibe of this cozy jazz cave at the Hotel Edison. Video courtesy of Brian Brennan:

228 West 47th St., New York, NY

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